Pro-Abortion Tweeter Tries to 'Gotcha' Pro-Lifers, Instead Gets Roundly Roasted

America has abortion on the mind lately thanks to Alabama’s historic “heartbeat” bill. Public figures like actress Alyssa Milano have been slinging around the typical insults and hysterics, even calling for a “sex strike”.

There is no lack of vitriol and tension flying around social media regarding the issue these days, but one particular exchange became notable when it started out as resentful and ended with an education in grace.

An artist who calls herself TuttleSinger asked a question that probably seemed liked a completely brilliant and original challenge at the time she wrote it, but is actually a very tired and stale argument that any pro-lifer has has heard countless times.

She didn’t have to wait for long. The responses came pouring in almost immediately and they were both inspiring and a little bit amusing considering Tuttlesinger’s confidence that not one single person would actually have an answer to her question.

These are just a few examples. Thousands and thousands of responses poured in. It was inspiring to see all the different ways people have contributed to the health and success of single mothers and their offspring. Some provided babysitting, others donated or volunteered in pregnancy centers. Some adopt or fosters. Others give money. Some throw baby showers and provide moral support. Some have offered help to their friends or relatives while they get on their feet. The entire exchange was an incredible example of how generous and supportive Americans truly are toward one another. People like Tuttlesinger think the entirety of American charity resides in a hashtag, but the truth is most people who are supporting their communities aren’t bragging about it on social media. They’re just…doing.

The tweeter in question didn’t (or couldn’t) respond with more rage. Instead she admitted that she had not known so many people were out there doing so much good work to back up their beliefs.

But naturally she couldn’t just let the lesson lie. It’s not enough for you to do something personally. Why don’t you advocate for the government to do more?

When it comes to issues like abortion and specifically the argument that prolifers only care about a baby while it’s in the womb, it isn’t unusual to see a bit of projection going on. Progressives typically view the government as their “charity” but really what they’re doing is passing off their responsibility to someone else. They can “give” their money (and everyone else’s) to provide services to those in need, but they don’t have to give their time, energy or risk their own personal comfort. They don’t want to, and thus they assume no one else wants to either.

God bless you, America. You guys are pretty cool.