Progressives Call for Boycott of In-N-Out Burger After GOP Campaign Donation Surfaces

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The complete marginalization of anyone who is not an active Democrat or does not support Democrats continues, this time in the state of California.

The popular California burger chain In-N-Out is well known as a Christian-run business. They subtly display Bible verses on their cups and containers. While it might not necessarily be related to their faith, they are also well known for providing top-level, friendly and enthusiastic service. Combined with a “secret sauce” and locally sourced ingredients, it has all added up to In-N-Out being one of the most successful burger chains in the nation.


Unfortunately, delicious burgers and stellar service aren’t enough for some people.

A public filing with the state of California revealed that on Monday the corporation made a $25,000 donation to the California GOP. Of course, it isn’t that odd that a business in California would choose to actively support a political party that (at least in theory) supports lower business taxes and deregulation. Why would any business owner vote to make it more difficult to hire and keep the employees that their operation depends on?

The thought was too much to bear for some Californians. A #boycottInNOutBurger hashtag popped up on Twitter this week, with many Twitter users stomping their feet and demanding everyone throw away their “double-double animal style” burgers and pick up their social justice pitchforks.


For two years we’ve been getting lectured about the “rubes” who vote against their own interests. Here is a business actively supporting it’s own interests, but those aren’t the right interests. In-N-Out should apparently be supporting the California Democrat party, which would tax them out of existence if it could (and is working really hard to do so every day).

It’s also shockingly sad to see how many people think politics are all about social justice. Some tweeters seemed to have no idea that a business might support one party over another at the state level because they are concerned about business policy. All politics are local, but the #Resist crowd would have you believe nothing matters except who is in Washington D.C.


Much like Chick-Fil-A, it’s hard to imagine this “boycott” having much of an impact on the chain’s sales. If you live in California you know that pretty much any time of day or night at any location there is a line to or out the door. In fact, (and again, much like Chick-Fil-A) these childish demands may very well spur aΒ surge in sales.

Go ahead with your pointless boycott, children. The rest of us will #BUYcott our delicious burgers. With relish.


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