Tucker Carlson: This Russia Story Is Making Us All Dumb

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Tucker Carlson had NRATV’s Dan Bongino on the show Friday night to talk about the current media obsession with Russia and as usual pulled no punches, saying it is absurd and irresponsible for leaders on the left and the right to allow the language of Trump as “traitor” to stand unopposed.


“Twice three times this week, I thought if this were Obama who went to Helsinki and met with Putin and I never liked Obama. I thought he was bad for America. All of a sudden Republican leaders are calling him a traitor, would I say yeah, he’s a traitor or would I say what do you mean by that? Where are the responsible people on the left. It’s okay to not like trump. I get it. But why do they allow the leaders to say things that are reckless and insane, which they are?

This Russia story is making us all dumb. I’m not going to be able to balance my checkbook.”

Hey Tucker, I’m willing to take that checkbook off your hands if it gets too confusing!


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