Mike Pompeo: It's 'Absurd' to Think Russia Has Dirt on Trump, He Knows Who He's Dealing With

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CIA Director Mike Pompeo speaks at a Senate Select Committee on Intelligence hearing on worldwide threats, Tuesday, Feb. 13, 2018, in Washington. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

Fox News’ Shannon Bream sat down with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to discuss the State Department’s upcoming historic meeting on religious persecution, but first she took the time to quiz Pompeo about the recent Russia hysteria and whether or not it was warranted.

Pompeo brushed aside the notion that President Trump is in any way soft on Russia or weak when it comes to policy dealing with Russia, saying there’s been more heat than light on the issue in the last few days.

I think those allegations are absurd. This administration has been relentless in it’s efforts to deter Russia. We inherited a situation where Russia had been running all over the United States.These last few days quite frankly have been more heat than light. This administration has been strong in supporting the Ukrainians strong in making sure that we’re protected against Russian expansion in other parts of the world. We all recognize that that threat is real and President Trump has been strong in protecting America from Russian aggression.

The President’s consistently been briefed on this issue. He understands that the Russians have been interfering in our elections. He frankly understands that this has been going on for an awfully long time. It wasn’t just the 2016 elections. Somehow Americans seem to forget the history of Russia’s efforts to undermine western democracy for decades now. it gets confused because there are those who want to make a partisan case out of this with respect to the Mueller investigation.



Pompeo went on to say that President Trump was not considering letting the Russians question American officials.

He also denied that Trump is entertaining in the idea of allowing Russia to question U.S. officials, including onetime U.S. ambassador to Moscow Michael McFaul, and other Americans in connection with criminal claims against Bill Browder, a prominent critic of Putin.

“None,” Pompeo said of the chances of Trump approving such an situation. The statement comes just days after the White House didn’t rule out that such arrangement could be made. The U.S. Senate on Thursday unanimously approved a resolution warning Trump not to let the Russian government question diplomats and other officials.



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