SURPRISE! U.S. C02 Emissions Have Decreased for the NINTH Time This Century


Every American should have died multiple times since Trump’s election.

Tax cuts were going to kill us. Rolling back Obamacare was going to end in bodies being piled up in the streets. The nomination of Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court was going to cause women to drop dead where they stand.


So many bodies, so little time.

With so many panic episodes being produced by left-wing media each week, it might be hard to remember but it wasn’t that long ago that President Trump withdrawing America from the Paris climate accords was going to wipe out life on Earth as we know it. He removed us anyway and life as we know it didn’t end, but Costco did stop selling polish dogs in favor of vegan fare, so…pretty close.

The move prompted a litany of hysterics from the usual suspects.

However, as it turns out President Trump might not actually be as stupid as Alec Baldwin as President Trump. A recent statistical review of global emissions reveals that while global C02 emissions were up by 1.6%, the United States actually reduced emissions by -0.5% which is the ninth time the nation has reduced emissions this century.

Unsurprisingly, China and India had the greatest increase in emissions. Hilariously, the European Union increased their emissions by 1.5% with Spain being the biggest EU offender by accounting for 44% of that increase.

Here’s a handy-dandy chart from AEI to put it all in perspective.

The lesson is simple – words on a piece of paper don’t reduce carbon emissions. Prosperity and advancement in technology is the simplest and most effective way to a cleaner environment. By signing an agreement that gave international bodies purview over U.S. environmental law we were not only adding more burdens to the pocketbooks of those living in poverty, but we were stifling innovation and technological advancement. The EU and Canada are both big talkers when it comes to climate change but they are also steadily increasing their emissions. That’s because the bureaucracy of climate activism makes it more difficult to innovate new technology that turns into clean solutions, and it depresses the economy which drives independent business operators (particular those in service industries) to find cheaper (illegal) workarounds to keep their businesses running.




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