Roseanne Tries to Set the Record Straight With Recent Podcast Appearance

Roseanne Barr recently appeared on Rabbi Shmuley Boteach’s podcast to explain herself in person after enduring weeks of controversy. Rabbi Shmuley and Barr are longtime friends. During the course of the interview the disgraced comedian tearfully tried to explain herself, repeating her claims of being on Ambien at the time and saying she didn’t even realize Valerie Jarrett was black.


“I thought she was white. I didn’t know she was black and I cop to it.”

During the 35-minute interview, Barr was both regretful and ashamed, acknowledging that while she’d never intended to be construed as referencing race, she was responsible for at the very least being thoughtless.

“I’m a lot of things, a loud mouth and all that stuff. But I’m not stupid, for God’s sake. I never would have wittingly called any black person, [I would never had said] they are a monkey. I just wouldn’t do that. I didn’t do that.”

“But I have to face that it hurt people. When you hurt people, even unwillingly, there’s no excuse. I don’t want to run off and blather on with excuses. But I apologize to anyone who thought, or felt offended and who thought that I meant something that I, in fact, did not mean. It was my own ignorance, and there’s no excuse for that ignorance.”

“You have to feel remorse, not just repentance. You have to take an action in the world — whether it’s through money or other things — to correct your sin. After your heart is unfrozen and after it stops being broken from the pain you caused others, you stop being a robot and you gotta’ come back to God. So it’s remorse, and I definitely feel remorse.”


Barr went on to say that she’s willing to accept the consequences because she knew what she did was wrong, even if it wasn’t racist. She regrets making herself a “hate magnet”, but in particular she is devastated that some of the people she loves most in her life would think of her as racist.

“I have black children in my family. I can’t, I can’t let them say these things about that, after 30 years of my putting my family and my health and my livelihood at risk to stand up for people.”

ABC recently announced they would carry on the show without it’s title character. “The Conners” will center around Sara Gilbert as Roseanne’s sitcom daughter Darlene…but without the charm and experience of Roseanne Barr will it succeed?


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