Kira Davis: No One Is Asking What Is Compassionate For the Average American Citizen [LISTEN]

Natalie Chan, and her daughter, Sabrina 10, holds signs with "Keep Families Together, " as they join a group of immigrant rights activists protesting against separating families caught at the border, outside the Los Angeles Federal building Saturday, Jun. 23, 2018. In recent weeks, more than 2,300 children were taken from their families under a "zero-tolerance" policy in which people entering the U.S. illegally face prosecution. While the family separations were ended, confusion has ensued, with parents left searching for their children. (AP Photo/Damian Dovarganes)

This week on the Smart Girl Podcast Teri, April and Kira talked about the immigration mess and I took the opportunity to fly off on a couple of rants. I think there is a pretty significant portion of the population who feels like I do – we want to help as many people as we can but we also don’t want to be made to feel like monsters and bigoted losers when we ask that the immigration laws we do have be enforced in order to protect the fabric of the society so many people are risking everything to be a part of. At what point to we, as American taxpayers get even a modicum of the same consideration the democrats are demanding we give those who try to cross our borders illegally? Are we just not allowed to ever share any frustration simply because we have the good fortune to live in the greatest country on the planet?


Many thanks to Teri and April for their graceful patience as I rant.

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Kira’s Rant…well, part of it(beginning at about 65 minute mark): “I think we need the wall. The wall will create one giant port of entry. And then when everyone is going through the port of entry then you’re going through legally and then you can avail yourself of the laws and not be separated from your kids because you won’t be arrested.

No one’s asking what’s compassionate for the average American, for the average American taxpayer. When do WE get some compassion? [We live a certain lifestyle, but] there’s a reason why we live this lifestyle. There’s a reason why Americans work hard every day doing jobs that suck and paying taxes that are unjust and ridiculous. There’s a reason why we sacrifice so much of ourselves every day, why we have sacrificed our blood and our treasure through the years in wars…we have given so much. There’s a reason why we are the most generous population in terms of charity dollars in the entire world. There’s a reason why we have this society. It’s because we have certain basic values and certain rules that we all abide by that provide us this level of comfort and those things are destroyed [by letting in too many people who haven’t yet assimilated to a culture of freedom]. So at what point do we American citizens get to avail ourselves of the same compassion that the Democrats are asking we give to everyone? When do WE get some of that?”



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