Twitter Says It's #NationalJoeDay, So Here Are the 9 Best "Joe"s on Earth

Average Joe

He’s just like you…just an average guy living an average life doing average things. Average Joe doesn’t get impassioned about politics. He just wants to be left alone to support his family, enjoy his beer and coach sports for his 2.5 kids.


Average Joe, you are the backbone of America and we salute you!

Not-Your-Average Joe

He’s average Joe’s smarter, more handsome, more athletic cousin. He has twice the charm. He is a remarkable person who does remarkable things that usually end up in the record books in some way.

Joe Schmoe

He’s a lot like Average Joe except he’s more boring and rarely puts up any resistance to a new idea. He’s easily dismissed, which is kind of sad because he’s basically a nice guy.

Uncle Joe

He’s either a shrewd, heartless dictator or a touchy-feely creeper one step away from the Oval Office. Either way, most people think they love Uncle Joe until they are forced to stand next to him.

Joe Cool

We all know a Joe Cool. Sometimes we love him and sometimes we hate him but he stays cool no matter how we feel about him.



Everyone loves Joey! You can’t hate someone named Joey. Joe, yes. Many Joe’s are hate-worthy. Joey is adorable. Name one Joey you hate. You can’t! Because no one hates Joey. No one.

Lady Jo

She’s practical, headstrong and dependable. You always want a lady Jo on your side…or decorating your bedroom.

GI Joe

America! Heck Yeah!!!

Cup o’ Joe

Perhaps the most important and influential of all the Joes. This Joe has changed society as we know it. All hail Cup o’ Joe!




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