Vice is SHOCKED That the NRA Thinks Women Should Be Allowed to Own Weapons

Doris Dean of Chicago, Ill., sits with her gun shortly after she won a 50 meter, 40-shot event for women with a perfect 400 score at the National Rifle Association (NRA) matches at Camp Perry, near Toledo, Ohio, Sept. 7, 1941. (AP Photo/DW)

There is no shortage of inexplicable hysteria from the usual suspects on the left when it comes to the NRA and their existence as America’s oldest civil rights organization.


The simple suggestion that we allow teachers to be armed if they so choose sends them into convulsions, as if every teacher is an incompetent, confused, frail senior citizen who has no skill or purpose beyond churning out grades.

What is particularly amusing (if there is any humor to be found in this utter public meltdown) is that the mere suggestion that firing back at someone who is trying to kill you is treated as just ridiculous. As if there is something nefarious about wanting to live!

Well, not be outdone by their cohorts in the media, the braintrust at Vice tweeted out what I’m sure they see as a “scathing indictment” of the NRA for just who they think should have the right to be armed.

Is Vice asking to get hysterical about the thought of women owning guns but not men? How many women have perpetrated mass shooting in the last…FOREVER??? I guess Vice thinks women are too dumb…or too weak? Or too nice? Or maybe it’s because WOMEN GET THEIR PERIODS!!!!!!


I mean, did these guys actually think this tweet was smart?

I’m imagining the millennials at Vice all hovered around their twitter feed, high-fiving each other while holding their quinoa and root veggie organic, non-GMO, locally sourced, $17 smoothies and congratulating each other on being so much smarter than the unwashed masses in flyover country.

Just to address their Twitter list quickly:

Arm schoolteachers? Yeah, why not. If a teacher is okay with it and the district is okay with it and they are certified and armed anonymously…what’s so crazy about having the ability to fire back against someone who has come into your classroom to murder your students? This isn’t a weird idea, it’s just an idea best left to individual school districts instead of privileged millennials still getting their bills paid by mom and dad.

Arm preachers? Again…what’s so bad about that? Are preachers in danger of using their legally owned weapons to slaughter their congregations? Is there some study I’m not aware of? Hey, Vice…#Protip: lots of preachers are armed every day in this country and you don’t even know it.

Arm anyone who goes into a nightclub? I’ve never heard of this being an actual policy that the NRA advocates for. I can only imagine this word-vomit was induced by the suggestion that gays learn how to protect themselves against hate crimes after the Pulse nightclub terror attack.


Arm women? We’ve been over this. If anyone should be allowed to be armed without judgment in this country it is women. We’ve done nothing wrong in all of this! We don’t walk into nightclubs and shoot up innocent patrons. We don’t shoot up schools. More often than not we are the victims of violent crime. It doesn’t seem weird that a 2nd Amendment civil rights organization would defend the right of a woman to defend herself.

The blokes at Vice are weird.


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