Cinemark Theaters Bans Big Bags

In response to recent concerns about public safety, Cinemark Theaters has announced it will ban large bags in their theaters. The movie chain says medical bags and diaper bags will still be allowed. However, they will reserve the right to search the bags of any patrons before they enter the theater.


Not everyone is convinced the move is about safety.

Some folks took it as a challenge.

And others made more salient points (even if they got their “couples wires” crossed).


But seriously, how many women have shot up a theater? And when are we going to stop banning “bad” things instead of proactively preventing bad things with ideas like…posting an armed guard or police officer?

Just an idea.

On a personal note, as a young woman I worked at a dollar movie theater. The tickets were low because the concessions were twice the price of a regular theater. Theaters make very little money from your ticket. They count on you buying overpriced concessions. I suspect this is more about losing money than safety, but it’s a very clever spin by the Cinemark PR department.


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