The Power of the Trump: Even When They Use His Words as a Rallying Cry They're Using HIS Branding

I had the opportunity to join my friend, comedian and commentator Sunny Lohmann on her podcast House of Sunny.

We had a fantastic time and covered a wide range of subjects but my favorite topic these days is how the Democrats – who have owned the political narrative in the nation for decades – suddenly find themselves unable to catch up with the power brand of Donald Trump. Take a listen!


And don’t forget you can always find more of my brilliant, long-winded commentary on our Smart Girl Politics podcast with Teri Christoph and April Gregory Hill.

“What happened with Obama is he came along and he changed the game and the Republicans could not catch up. They could not figure out what it was about this guy that the general public loved so much and they were always trying to catch up. They could not play his game. The Democrats ran sh** for 8 years because they couldn’t catch up.

Now we’re in the age of Trump and the script has flipped. Now the Democrats can’t figure Trump out. They are way behind the 8-ball and they don’t know how to catch up because they’ve never seen anything like this.

I have never seen a politician have the power of branding the way that Trump does. He just says something and it’s immediately part of our lexicon. That #Schumershutdown was brilliant. We never could have done that in the Obama era. We never could have had control over a narrative like that in the Obama era. He’s setting the tone.

Even when activists are using [his own words] as a rallying cry they’re using his branding.”



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