Did the Golden Globes Measure Up to Expectations? Twitter Decides

The Umpteenth Annual Golden Globes Awards pretty much lived down to expectations and predictions.  There were plenty of celebrity worshipers on Twitter but not everyone was thrilled with the way the evening went. Here’s a recap of the night in tweet form.


Legal Insurrection reporter Mary Chastain was not here for the mass memory-hole that seemed to strike Hollywood Sunday night.

And neither was Jenna Jameson.

Some people don’t take kindly to lectures from rich folk.

And some people drew the line at pedophilia. Something Hollywood doesn’t like to do.


Mary Katherine Ham had some sound advice.


Some people didn’t seem to understand that #MeToo is only meant for women privileged enough to live in the Hollywood bubble.

Elizabeth Moss won for her role in “The Handmaids Tale” and naturally had to comment how Trump’s America is oh-so-close to the dystopian future in the Hulu show.


Let’s not forget that Moss belongs to one of the most abusive and shadiest “religions” on the planet.

Not one person bothered to thank Ronan Farrow for his groundbreaking reporting that made #MeToo possible. Not one.

Connie Britton used her wardrobe to send a message.


Brandon Morse thought the losers deserved their own recognition.

Oprah got the Lifetime Achievement award and apparently NBC has big plans for the Queen of TV.


Natalie Portman took time to be snarky about the Best Director’s category being all men (as if that were their fault).


There were plenty of self-congratulatory speeches and the word “brave” came up a lot.

Let’s give it up for Ronan Farrow one more time.


But surely we will all wake up in a different world tomorrow thanks to the very “brave” Golden Globes crowd.



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