Think Progress Calls Cabinet Prayer "Creepy", Reminding Americans Why We Can't Take the MSM Seriously

Wednesday was a huge day on Capitol Hill with the passage of historic tax reform.

President Trump – never one to miss an opportunity to “rub it in” – celebrated with a White House cabinet meet to which he invited the press. Not only did Trump “remind” the resistance media the press of his administrative successes, he then turned the meeting over to Ben Carson for prayer. The President then made is own dig at the press, suggesting they need a prayer to make them more honest.


Frankly, that’s not a bad idea.

And that’s where Think Progress says things got creepy.

Prayer. Think Progress thought prayer was creepy. They weren’t alone. The daily panel circus at MSNBC spent hours Wednesday morning puzzling over how bizarre it was to see the cabinet meeting open in prayer. Andrea Mitchell said she’d “never seen anything like it outside the National Prayer Breakfast.”

To be fair, Think Progress thought the overall tone of the meeting was “creepy” as well, but it’s important for us to stop and really think about what they and their counterparts in television media are actually disturbed by.

They used the word creepy to describe something that happens every day across America in  all kinds of settings, even public settings.

Many people think prayer has been completely eliminated from public school, but you can attend any inner city, majority black school in the country and still see teachers and pastors leading prayer before sports events, graduations, and holiday celebrations. Prayer is such a normal experience for most Americans that many don’t even question it. Despite what Hollywood tries to tell us about ourselves in their films and tv shows, the majority of Americans still identify as followers of some faith of another…and a majority of those Americans identify that faith as Christianity.


Is it surprising that Think Progress is so repulsed by the idea of prayer in the White House?

No. Not really. This is propaganda wing of the party that booed God, after all.

What’s very telling about it – and sad – is how representative their disgust is of why regular Americans don’t trust the left-wing and mainstream media at all anymore. These people are so woefully out of touch with the rest of us. We cannot trust them to accurately report stories that matter to us because they don’t even know who we are. They actually think it’s normal to be freaked out by prayer! Dare I say it…

This is how we got Trump.


They don’t understand that for nearly everyone else in our country, opening an event with a prayer of thanks is not only normal, it’s necessary. Their god is government. For the rest of us GOD is our God and we understand what it means to be blessed to live in this free and prosperous nation; thus, in that understanding we are compelled to recognize our blessings and thank the Maker who granted them.

If you don’t understand that, you might be a member of the mainstream media.


These are not serious people.


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