Al Franken: I Am Going to Try to Learn From My Mistakes


Beleaguered congressman Al Franken (D-MN) held a press conference Monday afternoon to address the current investigation into his past conduct and possible harassment of women while a United States senator.


After photo evidence came to light of Franken being a disgusting creep toward unwitting radio host and model Leanne Tweeden, Franken went from being the smug #Resistance to repentant hypocrite.

There’s only one thing to do when the typically sycophantic media turns on you…go on an apology tour.


Franken’s team is good. They wasted no time in putting out statements of attrition and Franken – already a skilled performer – knows how to emote. On Monday, Franken went back to Capitol Hill even among calls for his resignation. While there, he gave a press conference to once again (and maybe for all) apologize and also to seemingly reassure his constituents that he was there to focus on work.

Franken admitted it would take a long time to regain the trust of the people, saying “I wanna be someone who adds something to the conversation”. The Minnesota senator spoke about his embarrassment and shame as he told reporters he would be “a lot more conscious of how I treat women” in the future.

Yah, ya think?

Here’s the ABC feed from the live presser (which doesn’t actually begin until about the 22 minute mark) outside his office on Monday.

Do you believe Senator Franken is sincere? Should he be forced to resign? Leave your thoughts in the comments.



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