Hysterics Hoedown: The Best of #HandsOffMyBC

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Trump’s Department of Health and Human Services announced on Friday that they would be easing previous rules requiring employers to cover birth control in their employee insurance plans. Unsurprisingly, the “feminist” set lost their ever-loving minds. Not one seems to have any clue as to the difference between not paying for something and banning something.


Enjoy the best of the twitter meltdowns.

Wait…does John Fugelsang think birth control is illegal now?


SOMEone is excited about their 280 characters.

Do you want to tell them they’re allowed to buy their own birth control or shop for a plan that covers it? Or should I?

Duh…babies come from surrogates and beleaguered African nations that will take the money of any rich, famous white woman who doesn’t want to get fat. Everyone knows this.


I…I don’t think that it is…unless you have to wait 10 days and undergo a background check for your condoms.

This isn’t the Handmaid’s Tale? That’s not what my tv told me.

Women of color….DRINK!!

Nothing is more dignifying than forcing someone else to pay for your sexy-time pills.

Look at this guy! You go, playa!!!!!


Remember when President Trump pledged to force everyone with endometriosis into electroshock therapy? #ScaryTimes

Well, this sounds like a logical progression.

Honestly I could post another 100 tweets, there’s just such comedy gold on this hashtag right now. But let’s not let the fragile one percenters have the last say. Let’s look at some of the best responses of the day.






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