Photographer Captures Amazing Rare Aerial Footage of North Korea's Capital City

A Singaporean pilot has been able to record rare footage of North Korea’s capital city, Pyongyang

Aram Pan filmed the famously isolated city as a part of the DPRK360 project, a government supported initiative to film and record images of North Korea. On the website for the project, Pan says the goal is to showcase a side of the country the mainstream media ignores.



Aram Pan (潘君瀚) is a Singaporean full time photographer and media consultant. During his spare time, he travels to North Korea and captures scenes of the country that the mainstream media generally ignores. He goes by the motto “there are two sides to every coin” and the entire DPRK 360 project is all about looking at North Korea with a different perspective.

As Pan circles the communist capital during daylight hours, a surprisingly modern city is revealed. A massive sports stadium, skyscrapers and huge freeways and overpasses are visible. However, what is most striking is that despite all it’s modernity from the sky the city seems shockingly empty. This is the nation’s capital city and yet few cars can be seen navigating the expansive highways. The rivers show little boat traffic and there aren’t many people to be seen in the streets. In short, Pyongyang looks more like a ghost town than a thriving, capital metropolis.


It certainly comes as no surprise that Pyongyang lacks the hustle and bustle of a typical capital city, but to see this kind of footage from such an isolated country is truly fascinating.

DPRK360 also has a Facebook page with some pretty amazing pictures and videos.


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