Don’t Shame GOP Minorities, Then Shame GOP for not Being Diverse Enough

Identity politics is the safe haven of the weak-minded and lily-livered. It is the high horse of the morally decrepit who’s lack of solid foundation translates into a woeful inability to make an intellectual, persuasive case.


The people who cling to identity politics are the very same people who will discount every logical, rational thought you’ve laid down on the internet because you forgot to correct ‘their’ to ‘there’. Yes, they are the grammar nazis of politics, and also actual grammar nazis.

One thing the far left likes to do is ridicule Republican and conservative organizations for not being diverse enough. Brandon Friedman provides the latest example:

Let me stop here to explain that I don’t oppose mocking Republicans or conservatives. I’m a conservative and generally vote Republican but I’ve been known to do my fair share of mocking of our side. It isn’t fair to tell folks not to joke. I wish people joked more, to be honest. We need more funny people and fewer crunchy curmudgeons.

The problem with shaming Republicans and their ilk for their lack of diversity is that it ignores the realities of the situation for a cheap laugh. A good joke is always rooted in authenticity.

The reality of diversity and the GOP is that if you are a woman or a minority and publicly brand yourself as a conservative Republican, you are mocked and shamed to no end by the left. As a black conservative I no longer even blink at insults like “Uncle Tom”, “Porch monkey”, “porch ni***r” ,“sellout”…my white female friends on the right have also shared stories of receiving messages hoping they get raped because they don’t support abortion, or hoping they are murdered because they support the second amendment. It isn’t just a few people on the left. It’s a lot.


Even the ones that don’t use violent language still take great pleasure in demeaning minority Republicans. Turn on any almost any comedian, talk/panel show or late night host and you’ll find a plethora of insults towards conservative/Republican minorities.

Accomplished, educated, wickedly intelligent right-leaning black folks like Clarence Thomas and Condi Rice are reduced to “negros tap-dancing for their white overlords.” Republican women are routinely labeled as stupid, clueless and empty-headed traitors to their gender (cis-normative argument alert!).

In short, being a Republican is met by the public left with scorn, derision and dehumanization.

Forgive me if I think it a little disingenuous to spend so much time and effort shaming minorities and women for having opposing points of view from the left and then shaming the GOP for not recruiting enough of them. They do have plenty of recruitment programs designed to attract more minority groups.

Why the hell would any minority or woman want to apply for a White House internship or job when the mere whisper of anything pro-Trump (imagined or no) sends the left into fits of rage, violence general temper tantrums? Any college freshman looking at what is happening on their campus right now would have every right to be apprehensive about publicly expressing any interest in working for a Republican.


Fox News contributor Kat Timpf recently tweeted about being attacked at an event she was attending simply because she was with Fox News. I’m not even sure she’s a Trump supporter. She just works at Fox and for her career choice she was assaulted and doused with what luckily turned out to be only water. What a terrifying experience for a young woman in modern America.  That water could have just has easily been something far more dangerous.

How many young women about to graduate from college with a degree in government or political science or whatever are going to look at that incident and tell themselves they’re not up for the trouble. Sure, it would be a great experience to be one of the relatively few people in history to serve in the White House. But what is she risking? The respect and courtesy of her friends and colleagues? Family relationships? Personal safety? The potential to always be judged professionally by the name of the president who happened to be in office the year she interned?

Its hard enough to be black in America. Why would black people want to further alienate themselves and be shunned by everyone just because they want lower taxes and less government interference in their lives? I don’t know if it’s more insulting to be called an Uncle Tom by another black person, or by a white person – I just know if you don’t have thick skin it can be pretty damn hurtful either way.


Am I to believe that educated black young adults shouldn’t be fearful of the judgment they know they’ll be subjected to if they apply for work with the Republican party?

To lambaste Republicans as racists for not having a properly diverse intern class while at the same time demonizing any young person – minority or otherwise – for being employed with them is an intellectually vapid and dishonest position.

Not to mention, its pretty frigging disgusting to shame Republicans for being racially insensitive by taking a microscope to a picture and counting the minorities based on nothing but what can be seen in an image. If 10 of the white people in that photo are gay, does that make a “diversity” difference? What if some are trans? Does Brandon Friedman keep a similar count in his own life? Does he know how many black friends he has? How many Asians? How many women? Does he keep them listed in a notebook? Does he strike them off the list if they’re revealed to be Republican? Or maybe not what identity group he thought they were? Does he have a minimum number of each he needs to keep in order to be officially not racist?

The problem isn’t that the GOP isn’t diverse enough. The problem is limousine liberals like Friedman and his cohorts on the left, who insist on categorizing us minorities, counting us like cattle, and deciding for us if we pass the “sniff test” of diversity before we can be approved as “one of us”.



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