This Wounded Warrior Just Explained Trump's Transgender Ban in One Incredible Tweet Thread

After the news of Trump’s transgender ban in the military, the internet unsurprisingly exploded into yet another fit of rage.

I guess the millions of people who were about to drop dead where they stood because Congress will now debate Obamacare repeal aren’t an issue anymore.


J.R. Salzman is a writer, wounded warrior and a veteran who has served in Iraq and he took the time Wednesday morning to share his own thoughts on the ban and life in the military. It immediately began to go viral, with Salzman eventually telling folks not to expect any more responses to the thousands of replies he’s been receiving since he first posted.

Salzman laid out a passionate and logical defense of Trump’s ban. Do you agree with him? Disagree? Drop your thoughts in the comments section…

…and thank you Mr. Salzman for your service.

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