Selling Sadness: Lena Dunham Auctions Off the Election Night Dress She Sobbed In

photo credit: Instagram

Lena Dunham – America’s vagina-obsessed sweetheart – is cleaning up her closet and her life.

At least that’s what she told her fans when she decided to auction off her election night dress. Dunham decided to list the Kenzo ruffle-accented print dress on the RealReal, a luxury consignment website. In an interview, the politically vocal writer/actress told the New York Times that she was symbolically cleaning house in her life.


I realized I had been carrying around a lot of crap, both internally and externally…If you had told me six years ago that we would be in the place we are now, I would have said that you were crazy…And now, ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ just seems too real. It’s a very, very challenging moment to be a woman in America.”

Few people understand the comedy genius of Lena Dunham. Is there anything more hilarious than a spoiled, rich, sheltered silver-spoon white liberal complaining about the “challenges” of being a free woman in America these days?


Even funnier, Dunham will donate the proceeds to Planned Parenthood for America. One of the reasons Dunham complains about living in “The Handmaid’s Tale”….excuse me for one second. I need to do something…..

….anyway, like I was saying, one of the reasons Dunham thinks she’s living in “The Handmaid’s Tale” is that is all of President Trump’s talk about defunding Planned Parenthood. However, everyone knows that Planned Parenthood can run on private donations and has actually set fundraising records since Trump’s election. Dunham is just making Trump’s point that Planned Parenthood doesn’t need government support when filthy rich elitists like herself step up to the plate.


The dress is kind of cute. I’d be hanging on to it, myself but then again I’m not rich enough to wear an item once and then toss it.


The dress is already listed as “Sold” on the website.

Please, oh please oh gods of the internet…please tell me Donald Trump bought that dress. Few things would be more delicious at this point than seeing Melania Trump show up somewhere in Lena Dunham’s dress o’ tears.



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