Handshake Hilarity: Watch the Polish First Lady "Pass" on Shaking Trump's Hand

It’s no WWE/CNN meme but this GIF of the Polish first lady rejecting President Trump’s handshake is good for a giggle.


Lots of people are calling this a snub, but it looks to me like she was just more anxious to meet the First Lady and when her eyes found Mrs. Trump all things Donald were forgotten. And can we blame Mrs. Polish First Lady? Melania Trump certainly does cut quite a figure, especially standing next to a seemingly perpetually rumpled Mr. Trump. By all accounts the Polish people are quite taken with her. The full video of the encounter seems to confirm those suspicions, but I’m still laughing. Haven’t we all had this happen to us at one time and ended up looking like a complete dork?


Whatever the reason, this is definitely worth a chuckle or two. It reminds me of the unflappable Jessica Lange as she snubbed her young costar from “American Horror Story” on the red carpet in a move that should go down in the GIF Diva Hall of Fame. Its safe to say Lea Michele is the Donald Trump of this GIF.



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