AHCA: Most Hysterical Tweets and Headlines Edition

The AHCA has passed the House. It hasn’t even made it to the Senate yet but that didn’t stop the chicken littles in cyberspace from declaring an end to the modern age and ushering in the dystopian future we’ve all been dreading since November. Townhall’s Matt Vespa warned everyone when the news broke.


Well, that was prescient of him. Elizabeth Warren didn’t even wait until the bill passed to warn people of their impending demise. Thankfully Daily Kos was there to add a reasoned and measured response to the House bill passage.

Okay, maybe a little overboard but surely Slate will make up for the dramatics with a thoughtful, researched analysis.

Oh. Well @BitchMedia makes up for it with their cute tweet that completely ignores the fact that Congress also exempted itself from Obamacare long ago.

There was a lot of concern about people immediately dropping dead because some people on Capitol Hill signed a piece of paper…


…but if one girl has her way only one important person will drop dead.



Yes, subsection 343424 of the AHCA: women who are raped must be charged higher premiums by law. Amendment: Bwahahahahahahahaha.

And this guy…


…To be fair, drinks at the Congressional pub are always half off when you bring pain, death from curable disease and misery to millions of people. And on Tuesdays.

Before Obamacare, Trump supporters were immortal. After Trumpcare, Trump supporters begin dropping like flies.

Math is hard for some people…

…and understanding the difference between healthcare and health insurance is even more difficult for others.




At least some people on Twitter are being level-headed about the whole thing.

Kirsten Gillibrand chimes in, inadvertently describing the very problem with Obamacare.

And then there’s Tavis Smiley, with a good point.

Gee, Tavis. If only there were some kind of government program where the poor and elderly could get healthcare free of charge? Some kind of medical care…medicare, if you will. Maybe someone should make some kind of law that says no American can be turned away from life-saving treatment even if they lack insurance. If only the federal government and every, single state in the union had that law on the books. If only there were a way for states to provide their own sort of medical coverage for the poor…to keep them healthy and make sure they fare well. Like some sort of “well fare” program. Someone needs to get these ideas to Congress, stat!

This bill pleases few people and it still has to clear enormous hurdles in the Senate but the hysterical Democrat base is predictably already predicting complete Armageddon. It makes one wonder what was happening in pre-Obamacare America? I don’t remember it being like real-life version of “Gladiator” with poor people battling rich people to the death in public arenas for the right to healthcare. But I live in the suburbs. Maybe our bubble was just too insulated to notice.


Anyway, if you’re still alive by the time the Senate gets around to voting on this thing, congratulations! You’re a survivor of the worst thing to ever happen in America to people who are forced to buy health insurance they don’t want at a price they can’t afford to cover conditions they don’t and will never have.

Take it home, Erick Erickson.




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