Supervising Millennials: Video Lampoons the Challenges of Millennial Work Ethic

I know a lot of millennials who are actually hard workers and sensible, productive members of society get tired of all the complaints about their generation and I’m sorry for that. But there’s a reason people complain. We GenX-ers are largely responsible for raising a generation of entitled participation trophy recipients and hipsters who have rarely been told “no” and aren’t used to coping with failure.


This makes it easier for the good ones to stand out amongst their peers, but harder for employers who just want young, energized people to show up on time and do their damn jobs without someone holding their hands.

Check out this amusing video on the comical realities of supervising millennials in the workplace.

“Morgan did exactly what was asked of her. Nothing more, nothing less. She expects a raise and promotion.”

LOL! Yup, pretty much.

Apologies in advance to those millennials who are the exception to this rule. You guys rock. Keep making your peers look as lazy as they are.


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