Disney Star Shia LaBeouf Shuts Down Anti-Trump Art Installation For Safety Precautions

Actor Shia LaBeouf (you don’t know how many times I just had to check the spelling of that name) has shut down…or off…his latest anti-Trump art installation in New Mexico.


LaBeouf’s original camera “art” installation -He Will Not Divide Us -opened in Queens, N.Y. and made quite a splash. Big enough that he decided to move the project to an area o Albuquerque near the Historic El Ray Theater. However, the camera was abruptly shut down the other night after reports of shots fired in the area.

TMZ says there is no word from police on who fired the shots but the installation remains shut down anyway, even though no one was present in front of the camera at the time. There is no proof that the shots were anything directed in any manner towards the project or outside the realm of normal urban occurrences at that time of day.

Perhaps this was just a good excuse to end a lame “art” project? Even the New York museum that originally supported the project abandoned LaBeouf after his arrest for disturbing the peace. Random celebrities and city-dwellers yelling “He will not divide us” into a single camera hour after hour might make for a funny news story, but it isn’t a very interesting art project.



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