Harambe Cheeto Fetches $100,000 on Ebay

Harambe Cheeto Fetches $100,000 on Ebay

Harambe has become a national figure of sorts since his tragic and hotly debated demise last year.

In true American 21st century fashion, he went from a harrowing story on the nightly news to a beloved meme. Some people tried to bar the use of Harambe’s image for jokes and memes. Those people are the worst people in all the world.

Harambe fever is still going strong and his spirit lives on in our hearts and minds, our memes and even our Cheetos.

ABC7 News in Los Angeles is reporting that a Burbank man recently sold a Harambe-shaped Cheeto on Ebay for $100,000.

The seller, who asked Eyewitness News not to reveal his identity, lives in Burbank and works in Beverly Hills as a filmmaker.

The man said he found the Harambe-shaped cheese snack in a bag of Flamin’ Hot Cheetos while at work.

He noticed the Cheeto and his co-worker said, “Hey! That looks like Harambe!”

Bidding began at $11.99 on Jan. 28 and ended early Tuesday morning with a winning bid of $99,900.

The seller told Eyewitness News that if the winning bidder were to back out, eBay would go with the second highest bidder.

I know I’ll be paying extra close attention to my steamed broccoli tonight in hopes of finding the next Harambe pay day.


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