Sally Yates Nominated for 'Profile in Courage' Award

By now most Redstate readers are familiar with the name Sally Yates. The former acting Attorney-General was fired by President Trump after Yates publicly stated she would refuse to defend his controversial Executive Orders regarding temporary travel bans from terrorist hot zones.


The hasty orders sent many Americans into hysterics, prompting protests and airports and a federal judge to order a halt to the orders until measures are more clearly and fairly defined.

Although opinions vary on whether or not Yates was right to defy the order and make that defiance so public, it isn’t breaking news that any employee who openly defies their boss’ instructions isn’t far from the unemployment line.

However, Yates has the good fortune to be acting Attorney General under the first president that left-wing America has hated with this much passion and rage since the last president that left-wing America hated with this much passion and rage. She can now leave her job knowing that she will forever be pulling income from the speaker circuit and surely a book about the 2 minutes it took it her to tell her employer she wasn’t going to do her job is not far behind.

To add to her growing accolades, Yates has been nominated for a “John F. Kennedy Profile in Courage Award” by Rep. Jackie Speier (D-California….of course).


Trump’s administration is barely two weeks old. With a third of America currently in a state of perpetual outrage it isn’t hard to imagine there will be many, many more “Profile in Courage Award” nominees coming from Democrats over the next four years.


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