UPDATE: YouTube Reinstates Banned Prager University Video

On Monday Prager University released a statement saying YouTube had banned their most recent pro-Israel video, flagging it as “hate speech.” The video featured Muslim pro-Israel advocate Kasim Hafeez as he told his story about being a Muslim born and raised in London. Even though they lived and benefited from life in the West, Hafeez says many westernized Muslims are still raised to hate Israel and Jews. He goes on to explain how he came to love and respect Jewish culture.

YouTube has been under fire for recent changes to their content policy, saying they wanted to curb incendiary and hate speech. Conservatives worried that the new guidelines might ensnare right-leaning and conservative sites and stories. Prager University claims this isn’t the first time their content has been banned. YouTube claims it is simply an algorithm issue, but sources at Prager University say they believe their content is targeted for it’s conservative viewpoints.

YouTube responded to Redstate’s request for comment with an email stating simply, “Thank you for reaching out. The video is back online now.” They included a link to the video, which already has over 60,000 views on it within just a few hours of it’s reinstatement.