Dictionary Site Changes Example for 'Femininity' After Complaining Tweets

Merriam-Webster found themselves in some hot water when Twitter feminists objected to the example used to help define the word “femininity.”



Heat Street reporter Jillian Kay Melchior picked up on the Twitter complaints and followed the trail back to a host of women who were displeased with the dictionary site’s definition of the seemingly harmless word. Merriam-Webster responded by removing the example sentence and apologizing.


At this moment the dictionary page for “femininity” on the Merriam-Webster site does not contain an example sentence.

The battle for language and its meaning is a vital part of the battle for cultural relevance. When gender warriors redefine language, they redefine the public discourse. This may seem like a small change for Merriam-Webster to make, but it is a capitulation to the idea that our natural gender-related traits are no more than a societal construct. Anything that can be constructed can be torn down.

When the boundaries between male and female are erased, so are the natural functions of our genders and society is thrown into chaos. We saw the beginnings of this folly in the modern feminist movement and the ball has now been picked up by the “sexual/gender fluidity” crowd.


What do you think? Melchoir is conducting a Twitter survey. Weigh in. Was the example sentence sexist?




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