We Thought the GOP Was Over, We Didn't Count on the Decimation of the Democrat Party

Back when Donald Trump was beginning his primary sweep, I posited that no matter what happened with his eventual candidacy, it looked like the GOP was cooked. Trump had exposed a strange fissure in the Republican party.


Trump’s utter domination of the primaries split both conservatives and establishment-types. This wasn’t “conservative vs. establishment” but rather #NeverTrump vs. #TrumpTrain. The conflict within the party was fierce and it is still raging.

Two things seemed sure to happen – the GOP would finally fold in under the weight of their own ineptitude and the #NeverTrump base would desert in droves. A lot of people just wanted to see it all burn to the ground, no matter what happened. This seemed the inevitable conclusion.

Now, nearly a week out from one of the most bizarre elections in recent history it seems the GOP is still holding together. Concessions have been made, acceptance of a President Trump seems to be settling in. Many #NeverTrump-ers have left but many more seem content to stay within the party and continue to make themselves heard.

GOP leadership is extending the olive branches, which Trump seems to (publicly) accept. Reince Priebus has been named Trump’s Chief of Staff. The party is still here.

While people like me were certain of a GOP collapse, what we didn’t count on was the near total devastation of the Democrat party. Election night was a bloodbath. Not only did the GOP come away with the presidency, they woke up the next day with a whopping majority in Congress.

Many Democrat primary voters already disillusioned by the rigged process that denied Bernie Sanders a real shot, stayed home or went third party. Watching Hillary get crushed in states she should have easily won was too much for some supporters.


Liberal pundits and talking heads have been analyzing where they went wrong for days. The consensus seems to be that the Democrat party has completely lost touch with their base and working class Americans. Their years of pandering has finally caught up to them, and it’s ugly.

Bernie voters feel hoodwinked. Base voters feel let down by a subpar campaign and a wanting candidate. The party politicians feel let down by their voters, perplexed by the notion that those voters were so disillusioned they would rather risk a Trump victory than vote for Hillary Clinton.

The blame game is running rampant. Rachel Maddow went on an epic rant against third party voters. Some are blaming the liberal media for giving Trump too much free air time and too much of the news cycle every day for a year. Others are blaming a poorly managed campaign by a tired candidate who never generated that much enthusiasm even when she was the First Lady. Still others hold James Comey directly responsible for disheartening voters with a last minute reminder of the deceptiveness surrounding Hillary Clinton and her campaign.

The Democrat complex is in complete chaos right now. Even their support system in the media is reeling. With the appointment of Breitbart’s Stephen Bannon to the position of “Chief Strategist” it looks as though they may continue to spin their wheels for some time.


Democrat voters have overwhelmingly expressed their displeasure with the party by not showing up, and in some cases even casting their votes for Donald Trump as a sort of protest.

Now people like Michael Moore are suggesting Representative Keith Ellison become the new party chair. I can only assume this is meant to be a slap in the face for Donald Trump’s stance on Muslim terrorism or some such nonsense. As if the President of the United States could give two poops about who is the chairman of the Democrat party. It didn’t bother Obama any, and he and Debbie Wasserman-Schultz were notoriously unfriendly.

If you want to finish the job of complete and utter destruction of the Democrat party then Keith Ellison is a perfect choice. He’s divisive, angry, has ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, and regularly beats the “racism” drum against white America. The Democrats could not make a more tone deaf pick if they tried.

Traditionally Democrats are in lock step and dissent is not tolerated in that party. You can ask Joe Lieberman for more information on that. When I was a Democrat and a liberal I never met one other liberal who disagreed with me about anything. We always had the same opinions… about everything.

Conservatives are very different. They cover a diverse spectrum of thought (some good, some bad), as evidenced in this election cycle. This is a good thing, because it provides for growth and a healthy exchange of ideas. This is a bad thing because when it comes time to unite behind one idea or one candidate we are not ideologically predisposed to do so. It has always been thought that this is what would eventually destroy the Republican party.


As it turns out, diversity of thought is the very thing that has decimated the Democrat structure. Like a moral conundrum that shorts out a super computer, the party infrastructure could not handle mass dissent within. Bernie voters were the virus and the election was the incubator.

There is always room for a comeback and politics is cyclical. One day Americans will tire once more of a Republican administration and seek out an alternative. If the Democrats want to continue to be that alternative they have some serious soul searching to do over the next four years.


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