Million Women March Planned for Trump's Inauguration

In keeping with the wave of protests and riots sweeping safety pin wearers across the country, a group is planning a Million Woman March for the day after Donald Trump’s inauguration. The New York Times is reporting that the protest is in its beginning stages but gaining steam on social media.


The idea for the mass protest, which will see marchers begin at the Lincoln Memorial and finish outside of the White House, is nascent — basic plans for the demonstration began popping up on Facebook within the last 24 hours. It appears the organizers are launching Facebook groups in individual states — so far 16 states have pages on the social media network. Organizers seemed to have some technical difficulties with the national page, so one of the local pages has been converted to what will now served as the national page.


The group organizing the demonstration said it plans for protesters to “March from Lincoln Memorial to [the] White House to show our strength, power and courage and demonstrate our disapproval of the new president and his values in a peaceful march. ALL women, femme, trans, gender non-conforming and feminist others are invited to march on Washington DC the day following the inauguration of the President elect. This march is a show of solidarity to demand our safety and health in a time when our country is marginalizing us and making sexual assault an electable and forgivable norm. We align with all POC and LGBTQ causes, and we will show our support in a non-violent protest.” The New York Facebook group adds, “This is an INCLUSIVE march, and EVERYONE who supports women’s rights are welcome.”


In a tickling twist the Facebook page organizers recently changed the name of the march to “Women’s March on Washington” because of complaints of cultural appropriation (Million Man March).million-march

Not everyone on the main Facebook page was satisfied with the olive branch.


Apparently some people are exceptionally worried about violence against minorities because of all the lurking Trump maniacs just waiting for inauguration day so they can finally unleash their bottled up hatred on their fellow citizens.


Permits for the protest are currently pending.



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