Gender Theory and 'Non-binary' Madness: Enough is Enough

A professor at the University of Toronto is under fire this week for announcing to his students he would not submit to their demands for “non-binary” terms in the classroom. The popular professor has made a video series explaining why he refuses to use “non-gender” terms for his students. His explanation is as basic as one might think. These are not scientific terms based in scientific research or data. These are the whim of a culture that has been allowed to stomp its feet for far too long.


When reviewing the responses of several colleagues, Peterson comes across a particularly chilling statement:

“The personal consequences of objecting are huge. The effect of my objection on society is miniscule. The risk isn’t worth it. We should have done something about this 10 years ago”.

Ya think?

For years the powers-that-be at the college level have capitulated to an entire generation of directionless, weak-minded, fragile snowflakes who haven’t even the mental courage or willpower to simply ignore things they don’t agree with. The inmates are running the asylum and professors are running for their careers.

I’ve had enough of this.

If you are one of these “non-binary” robots and aren’t intellectually mature enough to get your feelings hurt and still go on breathing, stop now. Its about to get real.

Stop making up complicated words to explain simple concepts. You are not a better person because you take twice as long to describe what a male is. There is no such thing as a “cis” male or “cis” female. You are male or you are female.

You have chromosomes. If you have XY you’re a guy…XX you’re a gal. If you think you are not the gender of your genitals and your DNA, you have an issue of the mind and the heart but not biology. What you feel might be very real, but it is not nor will it ever be reflected in your biology.


I can’t believe this even needs to be said out loud.

Peterson is right to reject this ridiculous, indulgent fad. Not only is it unnecessarily time consuming, its dangerous. Although this is a relatively new social phenomenon educational institutions across the country are caving to social stigma rather than upholding the honored traditions of higher education. Its madness.

This is a flimsy house of cards and its set to tumble down around our heads at any moment.

If there is no gender then is no such thing as transgender…no such thing as women’s rights, for women aren’t really women, just the misguided entities of antiquated societal norms. If sexuality is fluid then there is no such thing as being gay. There are no gay rights. There are no straight people. GLAAD can put out the “closed for business” sign. Its been three decades of futility.

Why are we making such a fuss over the first woman presidential candidate if her gender isn’t a real concept? Under this line of reasoning Hillary Clinton hasn’t broken any glass ceilings.

So much for “herstory”.

Throughout the millennia men have told women how to dress, what to strive for and what to do with their bodies. Modern feminism has been the direct rebellion of patriarchy. Just as women are gaining equal ground in the marketplace and in education here come men again, this time to tell us we don’t have the right to define womanhood anymore. A man can claim that mantle simply by announcing it to the world.


Womanhood once again takes a back seat to the fancies of men.

If I were to say that we should be teaching in schools that all life originated from an alien origin, we would first have to present a very lengthy, extensive scientific case for such a thing – a case based in the Scientific Method.

There is no science behind “non-binary” gender theory and yet it is being forced into our schools, our workplaces and the public square without a second of thought about the consequences of such a rash, recent movement.

People like Jordan Peterson are calling on all rational adults to pump the brakes on this whole thing just a smidgen before we all go hurtling towards a fate we can’t come back from. We could at least wait for some credible data to come in before we start suing people for using the wrong gender pronoun.

We are changing public policy, education and the very structure of civilized society to accommodate an unscientific modern trend demanded and perpetuated by children. Literal children. The barely voting-age bullies at institutions  like Peterson’s have not lived long enough to participate in adult society. They are not qualified to be deciding for the rest of us that the sky isn’t blue. Most of them have never paid a bill or been responsible for another human being’s life. We have let their still-developing brains wrest unthinkable control over the livelihood of teachers like Peterson and the penalties for hurting a person’s feelings.


There is no nobility in intolerance, even if you think you’re on the right side of it.

I never imagined there would be a day when a grown woman or man would have to carry such fear simply for referring to other grown men and woman as such.

Discrimination has made way for tolerance; tolerance has made way for acceptance; acceptance has made way for “live and let live”; sadly, “live and let live” has only cleared the way for those who don’t subscribe to bring back discrimination to a confounding degree.

Its time the adults in the room stood up and said “Enough is enough.”



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