Trump Hits Hillary on Economy: You've Been Doing This for 30 Yrs, Why are You Only Thinking About This Now?

Trump and Hillary continued to spar in their first head-to-head debate. During a heated exchange on the economy Trump took his time to explain in simple terms why businesses leave the United States and how high corporate tax rates drive him away. When Hillary pushed back with her “record” of experience on addressing economic issues (which basically consisted of “My husband did okay when he was President), Trump pointed out that she’s been doing this an awfully long time to have never seen any results.


Trump: You’ve been doing this for 30 years. Why are you just now starting to think of these solutions after 30 years?

Hillary: Actually I have been thinking about this quite a lot…

Trump: …yeah, for 30 years!

Trump then takes the time to remind Clinton her husband signed NAFTA.

Game on!


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