Cringe-worthy: Hillary Does 'Between Two Ferns' and Ooof...its Pretty Hard to Watch

Cringe-worthy: Hillary Does 'Between Two Ferns' and Ooof...its Pretty Hard to Watch

I get it. Its just a funny, popular web series on a funny, popular web network. Its not supposed to be that serious, and frankly I do think this is the most relaxed I’ve seen Hillary in a while on television.

That being said, Mrs.Clinton’s appearance on Zach Galifianakis‘ hugely popular show “Between Two Ferns” definitely falls on the side of aaawwwwwwkwaaarrd.

I’m a big fan of candidates and politicians hitting the talk show circuit. Its one of the really smart things Obama did during both his candidacy and his presidency. The Right scoffed at POTUS when he appeared on YouTube with the fruit loops bathtub lady – hell if I know her name. Sorry. But you know who I mean.

And that’s the point. We might not remember the people these politicians talk to but we remember that they were there. In politics everything is about visibility – what you want to be visible and what you don’t want to be visible. If 12 million people are tuning into a late-night talk show and only 2 million are listening to a politics forum on NPR, it makes sense to go on the late-night talk show.

Its always good to see a politician joking and having fun. It humanizes them in a way, and it allows some of the electorate to feel a bit more relaxed knowing their next potential representative isn’t a cyborg created on the planet Nibiru and sent to infiltrate our governments in order to clear the way for the Skynet revolution…

…not that its not something we shouldn’t still be preparing for.

The thing about wading into entertainment as a politician is that you first have to have a sense of humor. Trump excels at this, because he was an entertainer long before he thought about politics. The guy did an episode of the WWE! He does understand the medium.

Hillary seems like she understood the premise of the show and that it uses absurdity as humor, and she clearly had some things written for her. Yet, she still comes off as icy, annoyed and even a bit sluggish. There’s nothing clever that comes out of her mouth to make you think she was enjoying this appearance or that she even understood this type of humor. If there’s a laugh to be had from her its something someone wrote.

If you’re going to do humor, you have to have a good sense of humor. The more of these things Hillary does the more America is reminded why they don’t like her. She’s not Obama. There’s nothing she can do to make people feel like they’d like to sit down and have a beer with her. She’s not likable in the court of public opinion and appearances like these do nothing to help her cause.

Please enjoy “5 Minutes of Awkwardness” starring Zach Galifianakis with special guest, Hillary Clinton.

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