The American Left Is Silent on Alfie Evans Since They Believe His Type Should Have Died in the Womb

Protestors gather outside Alder Hey Children's Hospital where a terminally-ill 23-month-old toddler Alfie Evans is hospitalized, in Liverpool, Britain, Monday, April 16, 2018. Pope Francis offered prayers after his traditional Sunday blessing in St. Peter's Square for Alfie, whose parents are locked with hospital officials in a legal battle over his care. Last week Alfie's father, Tom Evans, 21, said he had chartered a jet to take the child to Italy but had been stopped by the hospital. (John Stillwell/PA via AP)

The tragedy unfolding in Alfie Evans’ room at the Alder Hey Children’s Hospital in Liverpool, England is almost too heartbreaking to comprehend.

Alfie was born in a semi-vegetative state on May 9, 2016. He suffers from a degenerative neurological condition possibly similar to that of Charlie Gard, though doctors have not been able to make a clear diagnosis. What is certain is that his condition will not improve.


On the evening of April 23rd, after losing an appeal, Alfie’s life support was turned off. Since then, he has breathed on his own, surprising everyone. Though his parents, Kate James and Tom Evans, have tirelessly petitioned the British courts for permission to take their son to Italy for palliative care offered by Bambino Gesu Hospital, all requests have been denied.

Tom Evans, Alfie’s father, met with Pope Francis on April 18th to plead for help. The story has made its way around the world. Supporters are even known as Alfie’s Army. Individuals on both sides of the Atlantic anxiously wait for updates about the precious little boy whose fate is in the hands of cold-hearted UK bureaucrats.

And the American Left? Well, they’ve remained quiet.

Pro-lifers are often chided for supposedly only caring about new life while it resides in the womb. This could not be further from the truth. Those on the Left often use this talking point while preaching about their own compassion for kids and asserting that those against abortion don’t care what happens after birth. This nonsense is a popular narrative.


While Alfie Evans lays in a hospital bed struggling to breathe on his own, the same who proudly flaunt their supposed compassion are silent. When they would usually speak up about the suffering of others, we’ve barely heard a peep.


The answer is quite simple. Alfie Evans was born with a terminal disability. He was “broken” from day one. According to the pro-aborts, that’s grounds for termination in utero by way of abortion. 

Get them while they’re still considered “the unborn,” right? Why burden us on this side with a sick kid who will tax our hearts, minds, and bank accounts. It’s the “compassionate” thing to do.

This is literally what abortion supporters say when discussing how to address children who receive a devastating prenatal diagnosis. Their lives are not worth living because of the hardships sure to be faced by themselves and their families. Down Syndrome? Devastating. Kill them. Microcephaly? Are you kidding me? They’ll have a shrunken head and malformed brain. Ghastly. Kill them.

Vegetative? Neurological problems? What a horrific thing. Surely a burden on society. Kill them.

When one like Alfie Evans slips through the cracks and faces a shorter life because of a court-appointed death sentence, the American Left shows support in hushed, barely audible tones.


They whisper, “We told you so.”

For too long, abortion has been a sacrament in the political religion of Leftism. It is a cornerstone of their belief system. It is squarely in the category of “women’s rights.” Labeling abortion as barbarism is to question equality and bodily autonomy.

They do not let you step on this sacred ground.

Because of their blood-soaked history and penchant for discarding the disabled ones before they see the light of day, they will side – and do side – with the British courts. Their love for eugenics and euthanasia allows them to process the inhumane treatment that Alfie Evans is receiving as actual care.

This is the stark difference between us. Those on the side of life fight for the unique personhood of every individual; born, unborn, disabled, or whole. Those who side with death have specific criteria: you must be born, wanted, and never burdensome.

True compassion isn’t even a card in their deck.

So they sit quietly by, not saying a word, and waiting for Alfie to pass or some big story to break thereby relieving them of the weight of notice.

It is agonizing to view the events in Liverpool from far across the ocean, here in the United States of America. I can’t imagine being Alfie’s parent and receiving word that I am barred from taking my son to get care. Precious Alfie Evans’ life may not last much longer, but he deserves any treatment he can get. He has parents who are tirelessly fighting for him and even give him mouth to mouth as his life slips away.


The anguish is palpable. The victim is small. His life has been full of worth since day one.

And the silence of the American Left is deafening.

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