Satire Site Mercilessly Mocks CNN, and Lefty "Fact-Checkers" at Snopes Just Can't Deal

In the era of fake news and all that Russian propaganda, lines must be drawn.

At the fact-checking site Snopes, no article is too insignificant to rip apart all in the name of saving some random internet user from being deceived. Of course, when said article in the petri dish is clearly a satirical piece from an obvious satire site purely for laughs, the joke is on Snopes.


Believe me, we’re laughing at you, serious people.

On Thursday, Babylon Bee, a satirical website that often focuses on politics, society, and modern-day Christendom, published a piece entitled CNN Purchases Industrial-Sized Washing Machine To Spin News Before Publication.

From the Babylon Bee…

In order to aid the news station in preparing stories for consumption, popular news media organization CNN purchased an industrial-sized washing machine to help its journalists and news anchors spin the news before publication.

The custom-made device allows CNN reporters to load just the facts of a given issue, turn a dial to “spin cycle,” and within five minutes, receive a nearly unrecognizable version of the story that’s been spun to fit with the news station’s agenda.

One reporter was seen inserting the facts of a recent news story early Thursday morning.

Minutes later, he removed the story and found it had turned into a perfect piece to push universal health care, common-sense gun control, and the removal of President Trump from office.

If you have any question as to whether such an article is legitimate or not, then please log off the internet now and stay away forever. No one can help you.

Personally, I love Babylon Bee. In its archive are gems of satire, so perfectly in tune with the world around us that we should take a moment to recognize a few recent ones.

New York Times Reports 18 Billion People Will Die From Republican Tax Plan


After Two Brief Decades of Deliberation, Democrats Bravely Call for Bill Clinton’s Resignation 

Starbucks Unveils New Satanic Holiday Cups

You get the idea. In fact, you may be chuckling right now. What aren’t you doing? Running to research whether any of these headlines are true. But then again,  you aren’t Snopes. Speaking of those fact-checkers, they just could not handle that the above CNN washing machine piece existed.

From Snopes

Claim: CNN invested in an industrial-sized washing machine to help their journalists and news anchors spin the news before publication.

Rating: FALSE

Origin: …the Babylon Bee web site published an article reporting that CNN had made a significant investment in heavy machinery to assist their journalists “spin” the news they report.

and the kicker…

Although it should have been obvious that the Babylon Bee piece was just a spoof of the ongoing political brouhaha over alleged news media “bias” and “fake news,” some readers missed that aspect of the article and interpreted it literally.

Who are the five people that came away from reading the piece and believed that journalists at CNN literally place facts in a washing machine and turn it on the spin cycle? Do they also vote? Can they multi-task? Do they get behind the wheel of a car? These are scary thoughts.

Snopes is a left-leaning site that often gets it wrong. Although they pride themselves on being the go-to place for unbiased fact-checking, they are anything but neutral when approaching a subject matter. The site is a source for like-minded individuals and their confirmation bias.


Should news outlets report the truth? Of course. Should satire sites tone down their hilariously spot-on content to appease those who see a Russia propaganda bot around every corner? Absolutely not.

As Sarah Lee wrote earlier, Facebook joined with the very serious people at Snopes in cracking down on the “objectionable” washing machine story and issuing a warning when someone attempted to post the story on their social media platform. According to The Daily Caller, Facebook eventually apologized by saying:

“There’s a difference between false news and satire. This was a mistake and should not have been rated false in our system. It’s since been corrected and won’t count against the domain in any way.”

All this overreaction is priceless but expected. In the Age of Trump, most everything seems extreme.

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