Isn't it Time That We Start Policing Our Own Side?

In this two-party system, each side is eager to point out the flaws in those standing opposite them. After all, we want to show that they have it wrong, both in word and deed, and that we are the better choice.


I completely understand this compulsion. Heck, I do it, too! It is bound to happen when discussing politics, society, culture, entertainment, media, and the like.

No, I don’t believe that we should stop looking at them over there. We should continue shining a spotlight in that direction. We here at RedState do it every single day.

But isn’t it time that we start doing the same exact thing to our side?

Let’s face it; we’re all imperfect people. We all make mistakes. However, that truth should never dissuade us from seeking to improve and tighten the reins. We should never become complacent.

In the continuing drama that is the highly-corroborated allegations of sexual misconduct against Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore, I see the glaring tendency to turn one’s face away from the GOP in order to look elsewhere. Namely, at those evil, morally confused Democrats.

The liberals are gross. They make bad, sometimes criminal decisions. Individuals claiming that worldview have even sexually assaulted and abused others. Their misdeeds could fill several volumes.

But so could ours.

I understand the tendency to turn to whataboutism. It’s tempting to shrug off problems in your own house when that neighbor down the street has issues, too. It’s not at all comfortable to look in the mirror and focus on the flaws.


But if the GOP even wants to think about improving, it must do just that. We don’t get a pass because of creeping liberalism, safe space ideology, a militant LGBT movement, increasingly hostile college campuses, or that entitlement mindset. If we choose not to make changes and highlight our own errors in judgment, we will continue to turn into just the opposition party. Just “not them.” And I’m sorry, that’s not even close to good enough.

Here is just one example.

A person who – in David’s mind – is guilty as accused should still be supported by the GOP. Because time. Because politics. Because those Democrats.

But, but, but…

This is a perfect example of a flawed and sick political party whose obsession with not being the Democrats allows them to EXCUSE SEXUAL ABUSE. Thankfully, Horowitz was excoriated by many, including RedState’s own Patterico here. However, many others also nodded in agreement, if only virtually. That alone is reason enough to be concerned.


If the GOP truly wants to be the better party and not just the other choice, it needs to greatly increase its minuscule self-awareness. Take a blowtorch to the ideas that lead us down the paths of rationalization. Rummage through the house and toss the putrid crap labeled “Not the Democrats” that has been kept for far too long.

It’s great that we’re not the bad Democrats, but that doesn’t make us good Republicans. Until this is realized and the hard work of improvement begins, we’re not really the better option; we’re just a different choice.


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