Be Yourself, Mr. President; That's What We All Want

It’s about time someone says what we’re all thinking: please don’t change, Donald Trump.

At first glance, those who didn’t vocally support then-candidate Trump (like myself) would prefer an about-face. A course reversal. An injection of dignity into the president’s behavior, especially in the social media realm.


Those opposite of me, who excitedly supported Trump during the campaign and do so now, are (for the most part) perfectly fine with how he acts.

Instead of calling for an end to the decidedly less than presidential behavior from our commander-in-chief, we should encourage it. Let it continue! In fact, I’d like to see more of him “telling it like it is”, or whatever his fans call it. Really.


Because it reaffirms what myself and many others have said for months on end. The man is unfit for the office. His casual demeanor and inability to restrain his wounded emotions only reminds me that I made the right decision on November 8 when I chose neither of the major party candidates. Some have asked since then if I regret my vote? The answer was “no” then, and continues to be “no” five months into this administration.

I would dearly love an end to the disgruntled junior high persona that too often emanates from the Oval Office, but I don’t believe that will be happening. And frankly, it only confirms my suspicions which were initially brought about during the campaign.

President Trump’s behavior continues to highlight the stark contrast between himself and serious legislators, like Senator Ben Sasse, a much-needed voice of reason.


President Trump’s behavior is a reminder to anyone who votes that elections have consequences.  The American people signed up for the next four years, so we’d better buckle up for the bumpy ride.

President Trump’s behavior is a lesson in how winning well – and not just winning – should be the primary objective of conservatives. He won, yes, but at what cost?

President Trump’s behavior highlights the underlying tribalism on the Right. Too many who decried Cult 44 are blindly supportive of Cult 45, just because of the (R) next to their guy’s name. This includes cable news talking heads, columnists, speakers, and radio personalities, many of whom I highly respected for several years.

President Trump’s behavior reminds us that politics isn’t a sport for the faint-hearted and incapable. You will be severely maligned by the slobbering liberal media while campaigning and once in office. If this is something you didn’t expect or can’t handle, seek another profession.

Finally, President Trump’s behavior is a lesson in engaging the enemy. Following “they stoop low, so we’ll stoop lower!” logic is never the right thing to do. Why lower your standards to meet the other side? Rising above it is always the best option.


Of course, I wish our current president had the dignity of George W. Bush, an imperfect man who was saddled with some of the worst crises ever faced by a leader, but who lead with grace. A change in behavior would be wonderful to see, but I don’t believe that will happen.

So Mr. President? Be yourself. It’s not helpful, constructive, and does not reflect positively on the office, but this is the path America has chosen. All we can hope for now is that these acute lessons will sober us up for the future.


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