Former Army Ranger Sean Parnell's Wise Words After London Attack

Following any terror incident, many people take to social media and give their knee-jerk reaction to the horror. It’s understandable to be afraid when terror strikes innocent people enjoying a concert or night out. It gives one the impression that we’re all potential targets.

News flash: we are.

Too many fall into the either/or column and insist either all Muslims should be intensely scrutinized or none of them should be vetted. Neither perspective properly addresses reality.

In the wake of the attacks in London, Former U.S. Army Ranger, Sean Parnell, took to Twitter to share some much-needed wisdom. As noted here, Parnell is nothing short of a war hero:

At age 24, U.S. Army Ranger Sean Parnell was named commander of the legendary 10th Mountain Division—a 40-man elite infantry platoon known as the Outlaws. When tasked with rooting out Pakistan-based insurgents in Afghanistan, little did he know he’d be facing 16 months of close combat against a seasoned force of light infantry. After receiving two Bronze Stars and the Purple Heart, the Pennsylvania native retired as a captain…

Here is some of what he said on Twitter in the aftermath of Saturday night’s horror:

Sean Parnell is aware of the evil that we all face. He’s seen it firsthand on the battlefield. Increasingly, the battle is in our cities and on our streets, bridges, and among innocent people going to restaurants and leaving concert halls.

You know that “last step into a thousand years of darkness” Reagan spoke about. THATS Radical Islam. And it’s here among us.

If we’re not at a breaking point to where we can actually come together to defeat this evil, when will that be?

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