Someone, Please Take Twitter Away From Donald Trump

The presidency has devolved in decorum.

This isn’t something that recently occurred, either. It’s been ongoing. Bill Clinton enjoyed his shenanigans in the Oval Office, Barack Obama was the schmoozy, talk show darling, and now, we have Donald Trump on Twitter.

I’m well aware that many love President Trump’s casual “transparency”, but it’s inappropriate when you’re the president of the United States. Period.

The office of the president already has a @POTUS account. It was Barack Obama’s main engagement on Twitter before it was turned over to the 45th president. Official POTUS tweets are done by Dan Scavino, Jr., who, according to his own Twitter bio, is “Assistant to the President & Director of Social Media at the White House”. Tweets done by President Trump on that account are signed “DJT”.

That’s fine.

But Donald Trump still has his account at @realdonaldtrump, and plenty of his tweets are embarrassing, unsuitable, questionable, or inane. Yes, I’m aware he probably doesn’t sit with his iPhone, tap out 140 characters of snark, and hit “tweet”. That’s beside the point, though. His account represents him. He, in turn, is the president and represents the country. Even though it isn’t his official presidential account, it has a huge impact.

Here are just a few tweets from that account since he was inaugurated.

And just this week…

I really do not care if pointing out his ridiculous obsession with social media bloviating makes me seem boring or not. I’m not saying that commenting on the theatrics from Chuck Schumer or “fake news” from big networks is incorrect. I’m saying that a personal Twitter account shouldn’t be used as a platform to say such things.  Donald Trump may think these things, but it is not necessary, or helpful, for him to publicly express them. Why? Because he’s the president.

Shouldn’t we expect – and demand – better etiquette from a president, even one so controversial as Donald Trump? We should, but we don’t, since there have been several before him who have focused too much on appealing to the voter fanbase.

Donald Trump’s social media behavior makes the presidency a tabloid and reality TV show. Voters will follow suit and elect who entertains them the most.

That is a problem.



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