Mayor of Berkeley Issues Weak Statement After Riots

Unsurprisingly, the mayor of Berkeley has issued a flimsy response to the violence that occurred there last night.

Mayor Jesse Arreguin released a statement on Thursday morning one day after students and others violently reacted to a planned appearance at UC Berkeley by Milo Yiannopoulos. Because nothing says “Love Trumps Hate” like setting fires and throwing things.


For the record, I do not like Milo Yiannopolous. He’s a dramatic, race-baiting sensationalist who is eager to play the martyr. So naturally, because of the reaction last night in Berkeley, he got what he wanted.

Congratulations, liberals. You have to physically clean up your own town and you’ve given Milo more legitimacy.

But back to the mayor…

Arreguin does a lot of what the Left usually does; blaming the other side for the problems they themselves create. The thing about freedom of speech is that no one needs anyone else’s permission to say what they want, even if that is offensive. What you don’t have the freedom to do? Destroy stuff because your feelings were almost about to be hurt.


If liberals were really, truly interested in the idea of inclusion, they would allow for dissenting opinions. As we know, they love to act tolerant while not tolerating others. On top of that, sometimes their outrage gets so outragey that they decide to destroy their surroundings…all while telling us to be less hateful. Or something.

I can only imagine what the next four years holds during the Trump presidency. But if protests continue (they will), and if some turn violent (most likely), the entirety of the blame should be placed upon the shoulders of the perpetrators who choose to act in such a way. It does not matter what words someone uses to anger you, it’s still your choice whether you lash out or not.

But don’t look for a message like that from the mayor of Berkeley, though. You won’t find it.


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