After a Trump Win, Now It's Pajama Boy's Turn to Dread the Holidays

Oh, how the holiday tables have turned.

Now that we face the Thanksgiving and Christmas season in a President-elect Trump reality, the Left is dreading those regular festive get-togethers. Remember, their side brought us plaid onesie-wearing Pajama Boy in an effort to spur on conversation about the UnAffordable Care Act during Christmastime in 2013.

Poor Pajama Boy. He was reduced to a meme. He probably lived at home with his parents, and was paying off his $40,000 a year gender studies degree. He also enjoyed hot chocolate and talking about getting insured.

Fast-forward to 2016, and the Left is concerned that – gasp! – some in their family may actually be Trump supporters. Personally, I didn’t vote for Trump, but I have family and friends who did. Unlike fellow safety pin-wearing citizens, I do not feel threatened by this truth. I won’t be nervous as I sit next to them at the dinner table. But some among us are so dreading interactions with the MAGA lovers in their lives that they are seeking help.

The Citizen-Times new advice column has the answer:

Question: I’m seriously dreading this year’s holiday visits with my extended family. Many of them voted for Trump; I find Trump’s election appalling. Any tips on how I can possibly endure our upcoming family get-togethers?

Part of the response:

If you don’t like Trump, it’s probably because you think he’s a destructive force in the world. Well, if you let your peace of mind — your equilibrium, your kindness, your generosity of spirit — be compromised by your simply having to interact with family members who voted for Trump, then Trump has won twice. His first win was control over the White House; his second win was control over you.

Screw that. If you think you’re better than Trump — more moral, more just, more compassionate, more ethical, saner — then BE better than Trump.

No fresh new horrors are going to be unleashed upon the world because your Uncle Tim wants to talk about how great Trump is.

And here’s the thing about Uncle Tim: He’s exactly like you, me and every single other person who’s ever walked this earth: All he wants is to be loved.

Even if you believe Tim to be a misogynistic, homophobic racist, you’ll learn one of two things: that’s he’s not, or how it is that he manages to hide from himself the fact that he is.

Well, I’m not sure about you, but my cold conservative heart has certainly been warmed.

Actually, I think it’s a fine idea to play nice with friends and family as we all attempt to recover from the election. I do think it’s quite amusing, though, that the Left is entirely traumatized by Trump’s ascendancy that they’re seeking out advice on how to cope. The side which once excitedly looked to the holidays as a chance to preach the gospel of Obamacare, whether we liked it or not, now feels the need to spread love and light to their sexist, racist, homophobic relatives. Because, after all, that is why everyone who voted for Trump chose him over Hillary. Their isms and phobias were too strong a pull. It certainly couldn’t be that she was one of the worst, most scandal-ridden candidates we’ve ever seen.

So, remember your Hillary-supporting family and friends this holiday season. They’re reeling from her loss, making sense of the new darkness surrounding them, wearing safety pins, and getting advice.

Regardless of whether you voted for Trump or not, it’s nice to see them squirm.

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