Foreign Airline Slams Trump On Election Day; Tells Customers "Travel To U.S. While You Still Can"

An airline based in an area heavily populated by Muslims went to social media today, and warned customers of a possible Trump presidency with a timely ad.

The ad, as it appeared on the Royal Jordanian Airlines Facebook page:


Royal Jordanian Airlines anti-Trump ad


Apparently, fear of a closed border/wall/who knows what else might get you a great deal to your favorite U.S. destination, if you’re traveling from Jordan.

The Facebook ad, which at the time of this post had 6,500+ “likes”, created a mixed reaction. Responses included:

Smart & Clever!!!

As a professional organization representing our country this is a very unprofessional ad.

Brilliant ad RJ

This is a disrespectful demonizing ad ! Your ad implies that the coming “he” will legislate alone … Looks like you’re ignorant of the checks and balances …

Your marketing campaign is on fire ! Well done

If only you were interested in internal affairs as much as you’re interested in introducing an ad less than 1% of Jordanians can relate to or even care about.

…and also this guy:

I want a free ticket, I don’t know how or why but I want it.

Either way, if you’re in Jordan and want to fly to the United States, you’ll get a great deal if you book soon. Apparently, there are no restrictions if Hillary Clinton becomes president.



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