The Final Debate: Let's Talk About Women Before They Do Later Tonight

Mercifully, tonight is the third and final presidential debate between Hillary Clinton, who loves to use the “woman card”, and Donald Trump, who loves to womanize.


The election cycle has been laser-focused on women in the past month, and not without reason. Very serious allegations of sexual assault against Donald Trump – some a decade or more in the past – have been discussed at length. More than that, Trump’s own words have been used against him. It’s clear that he preys upon members of the opposite sex even when they don’t want it. Supporters of Trump don’t seem bothered by these things, and those of us left disgusted in the anti-Trump camp, like myself, chalk them up as further proof of his lack of character.

These opinions won’t change the electoral landscape, though, as the sides holding those views have already determined their vote. What matters now are the undecided voters. With less than three weeks to go until election day, look for Hillary Clinton to pull out all stops and use her “woman card” more than ever tonight. As I’m sure you noticed, the 2008 presidential election was all about the “race card”. This cycle is all about the “woman card”.

 The Creep Factor

After the second, town hall-style debate, Trump was charged with lurking behind Clinton as she delivered her responses. Yes, he is a towering orange figure, and yes, he is a creep. But the debate lurking was really just a matter of camera angle. However, it became a point for the Clinton camp to use against Trump and the male population as a whole.

“Trying to get [stuff] done while a man lurks disapprovingly behind you pretty much sums up womanhood,” Emma Gray, the executive women’s editor at the Huffington Post, with an image of Trump standing behind Clinton as she addressed a debate question.

Absurd? Definitely. It doesn’t sum up womanhood at all, but don’t be surprised if this is on people’s minds tonight and in the post-debate analysis. Stories about Trump lurking around pageant contestants’ dressing rooms ties in with his lurking around a female presidential candidate, and it all comes to a full misogynistic circle. If it were any other candidate, like Scott Walker or Marco Rubio, the “woman card” wouldn’t be as powerful. But Donald Trump gives power to feminist claims of widespread sexism (however false they may be) almost every time he talks. He truly is a Democratic female presidential candidate’s dream opponent.


One hot button issue ignored in the Clinton v Trump sparring is abortion. Even pro-abort Twitter introduced the hashtag #AskAboutAbortion ahead of the debate in an effort to spur discussion on the topic they consider to be women’s health. Abortion is a sacrament to the Left. Clinton is a Margaret Sanger award recipient, has been endorsed by Planned Parenthood and their ice queen, Cecile Richards, and supports destroying an unborn life right until the end of the third trimester. She is as extreme a pro-abort as you can get. On the other hand, Donald Trump is a supposedly former pro-abort who still believes in the legal homicide in cases of rape or incest. Earlier in the year, he famously said he would support punishment for women who have abortions if they were to become illegal, though backtracked on that statement later. If the issue does come up, Hillary knows where she stands, though it’s on the side of murder. Donald Trump can’t articulate his position on unborn life very well at all. This is unfortunate because the unborn deserve a much better voice and warrior for the cause than Donald.

It’s Her Time 

2016 has been Hillary Clinton’s chance to break that mystical glass ceiling. Tonight is the last time she’ll be before the country in primetime (those who aren’t too nauseous to watch) and sell herself before election day. She would be the first female president, but who cares? I certainly don’t, not if it means the first woman is an irresponsible, pro-abort, “free stuff for all” Leftist. But “making history”, even though it’s the wrong kind, is popular to those on the other side of the aisle. It spurs emotions in those who base their votes on just that. Tonight, Hillary Clinton will do her best to present herself as the female who made her own way, and right on to a presidential debate stage, in a world where males like Trump don’t have to work for it. Her gender/sexuality isn’t a merit, but she will attempt to squeeze as much worth as she can out of that argument.

In the final debate, Hillary Clinton will play the “woman card” in what should be the easiest hand of her life. Unless Donald Trump comes out as coherent, trustworthy, and respectful of women – all highly doubtful – she will win the debate hands-down.



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