Sorry, Women of America. It's Hillary Who Made It To The Stage.

Tonight’s debate between the two major party nominees will indeed be historic. For the first time, one of the two candidates on stage will be a female.

But I don’t care.

In the pre-debate and post-debate analysis, the Left will mention the famous glass ceiling, equality, and all that. American women are supposed to swoon and gaze at Hillary admiringly while she sits atop that pedestal. She made it, and she’s one of us! Well, no. She isn’t. She’s the worst of us, packaged in a pantsuit, and presented as our role model.

Feminism has destroyed the idea of what it means to be a woman, and to relate to other women as well as men in society. Modern-day feminism preaches independence, while promoting the legal homicide of abortion. It praises the strengths of females while maligning the same in males. It calls out a “rape culture” on college campuses, but barely utters a word of condemnation against the many female teachers who sexually prey upon their minor students.

Hillary Clinton not only stands on those already-existing feminist ideals, but goes a step beyond that. Her political career has only been made possible by a political marriage. Sure, she’s touching that glass ceiling, but she’s doing so while standing on her husband’s shoulders. Women who have been assaulted by Bill Clinton have been dismissed by the same woman who says she’s a “champion” for females.

Mrs. Clinton is no role model for women, and should not be lauded for making it to the debate stage tonight. She has done so through corruption, cheating, and lying. She’s the first female (besides Victoria Woodhull in 1872) to run for president, but that does not mean she should automatically receive my vote, though she believes otherwise, and has said so on the campaign trail.

“Clearly, I’m not asking people to vote for me simply because I’m a woman. I’m asking people to vote for me on the merits,” Clinton said.

Then she directly addressed gender, adding: “I think one of the merits is I am a woman. And I can bring those views and perspectives to the White House.”

That Hillary is biologically a female like myself means nothing to me. Candidates must earn my vote, and neither one on stage tonight has done (or will do) that. The historicity surrounding tonight’s presidential debate is all fluff and no good substance. If Hillary was an independently accomplished, conservative female who didn’t rely on lying and corruption to climb those steps to the stage, I would beam with pride. But she is the opposite.

Tonight isn’t a “win” for women. It’s actually a loss.

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