Hillary Wants Journalists To Ponder The Question of Sexism (VIDEO)

The day after the Commander-in-Chief forum, Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton took questions from reporters. Shocking, yes, but she received plenty of softballs from the admiring journalists before her.


Hillary’s biological gender, that which she had no control over, is a huge point of pride for her campaign. She’s a female, and it would just be shocking if Americans didn’t want to help her break that romanticized glass ceiling by electing her the first woman president! Then and only then might we all be equal. Or something.

From The Washington Examiner, emphasis mine:

“You’ve been criticized by the RNC for your demeanor last night, that you were too serious, that you didn’t smile enough,” the reporter said. “Can you react to that? And also, you suggested that there is a double standard. Do you think that you’re treated differently in this race because you’re a woman?”

Clinton responded that she would let journalists “ponder” the question, adding, “I don’t take my advice and I don’t take anything seriously that comes from the RNC.”

You know Hillary just loves these planned questions. Any chance to inject more talk of sexism, and the lowly state of the only female candidate (besides vandal Jill Stein), into the election cycle is drooled over. If for some reason you don’t think she’s obsessed with it, see below:


Hillary plays the “woman card” constantly, and she beams with delight when journalists ask her about it. Although she feigned restraint while asking reporters to ponder the question of sexism for themselves, it’s clear she loves the attention to the subject matter.

If it’s President Hillary Clinton, you can expect a monumental amount of weight given to the idea absurd idea that sexism is the driving force behind her opponents.


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