Congratulations, Hillary. You Have A Uterus.

Hillary Clinton is a female. The mainstream media’s drooling excitement over this biological fact has always been apparent, but more so given Clinton’s obvious domination over opponent Bernie Sanders on Tuesday night, securing her victory. She is the first woman to be the presidential nominee for a major political party. No, that has never happened before. But the FBI-investigated, pro-abort, liberal Hillary lacks actual, independent achievement, so pardon me if I’m not cheering.

The Left would like for you to believe that up until the evening of June 7, 2016, women were barred from making an impact in politics – especially presidential politics. Nothing could be further from the truth. Just look how they already talk about Hillary’s rise to the nomination at places like Huffington Post:

“We can tell young girls that they can be anything they want to be, but if what they want to be is President of the United States, there has never before been any evidence that that role is one they could ever fill.”

“Women and girls in this country have never seen another woman give the State of the Union. We have never seen a woman appoint a Supreme Court justice. We have never seen a woman address the nation as our Commander in Chief in a time of crisis. We have never seen someone who could actually get an abortion holding the power to veto federal anti-abortion legislation. We have never looked up on the walls in our history classes and seen a woman’s face up there alongside George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Abraham Lincoln. We have never seen our gender equated with the ability to lead the country we live in. We have never seen that glass ceiling broken, and it is maddening.”

If there’s anything American feminists believe, it is that they are always victims. They thrive on the thought. They don’t want to admit that their rights and opportunities are abundant because erasing the idea of victimhood would put them out of business. They can’t have that.

No, there has never been a female president, but not because we’ve been denied that opportunity in the last 95+ years. It’s all about individual choice, and frankly, many women make career and family choices that steer them away from running for the White House. That’s just the truth. Equality of opportunity does not result in equality of outcome. Liberals especially have a hard time grasping this concept. For those who understand that, Hillary’s rise to obtaining the presidential nomination for the Democratic party doesn’t do much for us. Sorry.

I’m not thrilled that Hillary may become president of the United States. I’m not voting for her, or Trump, the GOP nominee, for the same reason. Neither of them represent me or conservatism. This doesn’t change with the fact that Hillary and I are both females. Unfortunately, though, many will support her for this “history is made!” reason. It’s similar to the mindset that elected Barack Obama in 2008. Remember the claim of “you’re a racist!” if you didn’t vote for him? Getting ready to be labeled a sexist this time around for not only refusing to support Hillary, but lacking the proper excitement for her nomination.

Hillary Clinton’s ascendancy was made possible because she stood on her husband’s shoulders and his political career. She lacks individual accomplishment, is embroiled in scandal, and her reign would be disastrous. The fact that she is a female does not and will not cause me to celebrate.

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