Carson's Attempt At Becoming Trump's Moral Conscience

Since suspending his presidential campaign, Ben Carson has done much bidding for GOP front-runner Donald Trump. Trump’s long history of flouting common decency has apparently bothered Carson little. Until now, that is.


Donald’s racist comments against Judge Gonzalo Curiel, who is hearing the Trump University case, seem to have bothered Ben.

I wonder why all the other comments from Trump have never caused Dr. Carson to voice concern? Apparently, the soft-speaking retired neurosurgeon is making a past-due attempt at being Trump’s moral conscience. Politico reports:

“Every human being is an individual first rather than a member of an identity group. The moment we forget that is the moment we enter into a phase of moral descent,” Carson told POLITICO in a statement through business manager Armstrong Williams.

The comment comes as the presumptive Republican nominee faces scrutiny from members of his own party over comments that Judge Gonzalo Curiel, born in Indiana to Mexican parents, should not be allowed to preside over Trump University cases. Trump has said Curiel has an “inherent conflict of interest” due to the billionaire’s proposal to build a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border, and he has similarly suggested a Muslim judge could be disqualified by virtue of his call to temporarily ban Muslim immigration.


Oh…now is the time to remind everyone, including Trump, about morals? Those of us who have always noticed Trump’s juvenile, insulting, and arrogant behavior toward others believe a reprimand of sorts is well overdue.

I, for one, think it’s a weak attempt, especially as Carson continues to be a quasi-spokesperson for Trump. (Carson did want to meet with Speaker Ryan early in May before Trump met with him.) He endorsed Trump in March, and has had plenty of time to remark on the character of the front-runner. But that would have put a dent in his own political ambitions.

If Trump’s behavior only bothered you now, you’ve not been paying attention. Or perhaps, if you’re Ben Carson, you’ve just failed to care when caring wasn’t politically expedient.


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