Modern-Day Feminism Isn't Sane, So It Supports Transgenderism

Needless to say, modern-day feminism is absolutely cancerous. It doesn’t promote equality, it seeks to demean men, masculinity, and traditional gender roles.


Original (first wave) feminism sought to obtain a female’s right to vote, among other necessary legal rights. I would gladly have marched along with the suffragettes as they campaigned for these things. It would have been entirely unacceptable to them for an individual with male DNA to attempt to pass himself off as one of their kind.

Then came second and third wave feminism. These campaigns have focused on reproductive “rights”, equal pay (though facts show this isn’t a crisis), sexuality, gender identity, rape culture, the “scary” Patriarchy, and loads of other nonsense. These waves are far removed from anything resembling campaigns for equal treatment and fair legal rights. The harpies who promote such twisted thinking have nothing in common with original feminism. Yet they are out there calling themselves feminists.

Now the latest group of third-wavers has loudly supported the transgender delusion. The group that claims to promote all things naturally female, because men are just so horrid, are now accepting of men who wish to identify as women. Can it get any more twisted?

Part of the issue is that feminist activists, much like civil rights activists of the past, believe they’re passing the torch of the equality rights fight to the transgender community. Remember, they long to be a part of any campaign which connects itself to victimhood, because that’s their claim to relevance. This was made clear by an article in The Independent from earlier this year:


Trans rights are now where women’s rights or gay rights were a generation ago, in terms of what people feel able to say and still feel self-righteous. So, we need to think ourselves back in time. If you’re the kind of person who says “Trans women are not real women”, a generation ago that would have been you denying the womanhood of lesbians or women who don’t have children. If you think that trans women should not be allowed into public toilets, you would have been that moron shouting, “Backs to the wall, lads” any time a gay man walked b

Feminist sermons are unnecessary in a world where feminists are granted everything and then some.  It seems that they are tired of losing the pay-gap argument, and others like it, and so are grabbing on to transgenderism as a new “heroic” struggle.



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