Hillary & Trump Are Right About The Other. They Both Disrespect Women.


It’s something to see when the Democratic front-runner and Republican front-runner attempt to slam each other’s record with women. Especially when those presumptive nominees are Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. We know they’re both right about the other. Each of them is a lousy representative of females in the electorate, but for different reasons.


Hillary has long been one-half of a purely political marriage. Her husband has not one, but several women in his past who have accused him of sexual assault. Most females in her position would be long gone, disgusted by a marriage to someone who abuses women  and in such an intimate manner. But not Hillary, because she has always seen her marriage as a platform from which to step onto the stage of political success.

On Saturday, Trump slammed his likely opponent at appearances in the Pacific Northwest, as reported by The New York Times:

…Mr. Trump suggested that the Clintons were not in a position to question his treatment of women.

Describing Mrs. Clinton as an “enabler”, he added, “Some of these women were destroyed, not by him, but by the way that Hillary Clinton treated them after everything went down.”

I can’t disagree with Donald on that last part. Hillary most definitely is an enabler, and did not mind seeing women ruined who had been assaulted by her husband. Because political advancement is everything to her.

On the other hand, though, Trump really has no business acting like a great respecter of females. His history proves otherwise.

Just this election cycle, Donald Trump has ridiculed Carly Fiorina’s looks, since he could never match her in policy discussions. He also questioned Megyn Kelly’s bodily functions by saying she had “blood coming out of her wherever” at the previous GOP debate. Those are just two recent instances. Trump has a well-known history of insulting women, as mentioned in this article here, and in this video, which uses several demeaning quotes from the man himself. It’s clear that Trump views my kind as either trophies or pigs, with little regard for what contributions they make and who they are as individuals.


This is known to women in the electorate, too. Even an April Gallup poll showed that 7 out of 10 women hold an unfavorable view of Trump. I know he says he just loves women, but they certainly don’t love him.

In the months ahead, we’ll see Hillary continue to prop herself up on her gender, discuss Trump’s past (and present) of insults, and seek to obtain most of the female vote. Trump will do the same, by slamming his opponent’s past and will insist he respects women the most. The claims from each camp of being the best choice for women will be laughable. Each has made it clear that to them, women are something to be trampled upon, whether in word or deed. And I’ll endorse neither.



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