You're Going to Accept Transgender? You Must Accept Transracial

The Left is so hypocritical. But we already knew that. Drama surrounding the North Carolina bathroom bill continues. Transgenderism, and whichever “rights” should belong to that community, is hotly debated. Bruce Springsteen cancelled a concert in N.C, and PayPal pulled jobs out of the state.


According to the Left, being transgender is good. It should be supported. It should be praised. It is merely the outward expression of an inward reality. They cheer when they see Bruce “Caitlyn” Jenner on the cover of Vogue. She’s so brave, and we must applaud her journey! That’s quite the tidy, feelings-oriented, social justice warrior opinion. And for the Left, it makes them feel good. Because feelings are king (or queen).

That was until Rachel Dolezal appeared on the scene last summer, “revealing” her transracial identity. As you may remember, Rachel is white, but identifies as black. In the era of trans-anything, that should bring cheers from the Left! But it does not. Dolezal is the worst kind of being, acting as if she is another skin color than what her biology already determined. This is confusing, though, because transgenderism is the exact same delusion: denying biology in favor of feelings.

Now Dolezal is back in the news. In an interview on NBC with Savannah Guthrie on Tuesday morning:

Guthrie continued to press her: “Looking back it it now, do you feel like, I wish I had been just more up front about that? It would have saved me a lot of heartache.” Dolezal was insistent that she had no regrets, except maybe one: not identifying as black sooner.

“I do wish that I could have … given myself permission to really name and own the me of me earlier in life. I mean, it took me almost 30 years to get there, but certainly I feel like, you know, it’s a complex issue. How do you just sum up a whole life of coming into who you are in a sound bite?”


Many look at the trans community, whether dealing with gender or race identity, and feel sympathy. Trans anything is a struggle against reality. Your DNA is stubborn and doesn’t care about your feelings. However, liberals readily accept transgenderism but fiercely deny transracialism. To the Left, race is a biological fact while gender is a social construct. This is absurdity of the highest degree, but that is what they offer as an explanation. These science deniers push aside the fact that both were determined long before each of us emerged on this side of the womb.

Today on social media I stated that “If we accept transgender, we must accept transracial.” This was met with a wave of negative response. How could I be so ignorant? How could I be so racist? How could I be so offensive to those in the transgender community? The reaction clearly showed how liberals compartmentalize their made-up privileges, and bestow them selectively.

If anything, the trans drama we find ourselves in is indicative of the fact that so few give value to our beginning in the womb. Our DNA is certain from day one; it establishes the blueprint for who (or what) we are meant to be. But many on the Left conveniently deny the science of conception so that their support for the destruction of growing unborn life can be rationalized.


It is important to firmly deny the trans community their faux reality, for they deny the concrete truth and unchanging individuality which is determined at conception. That the Left accepts one and denies the other says everything.


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