Young Democratic Chicks Prefer Old White Man

It’s supposed to finally be Hillary’s turn, but apparently, the majority of Millennial women are self-loathing and prefer an old white man lead their country. Hillary’s popularity is still quite high, but her lead has diminished as the “outsider”, but long-time Congressman Bernie Sanders, has gained.


A recent USA Today/Rock the Vote poll shows that elderly Sanders has “a 19-point lead over front-runner Hillary Clinton, 50% to 31%, among Democratic and independent women ages 18 to 34”.

Plenty of excitable feminists, ever eager to ride the victimhood train, have loudly proclaimed that it’s time for Hillary just because she’s a female. Singer Janelle Monáe, an Obama supporter, said as much recently: “I think we’ve already spent hundreds of years of having to deal with, you know, ‘the man,’ and I think we should switch it up”. This is ridiculous. What’s equally ridiculous is the love for the geriatric Sanders, based on nothing but feelings as well. Being “empowered” is an important goal of the liberal female, but this is just an empty pursuit. What should be an obvious area of domination for Hillary – young liberal females – is anything but that.

As reported by USA Today:

Millennial women are less motivated than their older counterparts by the prospect of electing the nation’s first female president, said Krystal Marie Ball, contributor to Glamour magazine’s 2016 election project, called “The 51 Million”…

“Even though having a woman in the White House would be new and different, it’s hard to feel like Hillary Clinton is new and different,” Ball said. “They’re expressing their disgust and frustration with a political system,” and Bernie Sanders “is an expression” of that sentiment.


Bernie Sanders is neither new nor different, having been in Congress since 1991, but his personal brand and message of socialism reaches to the Millennials who view the Clintons as stale and established. Republicans talk about “the establishment” with disdain all the time. To many younger Democrats, they’re just as disgusted by the “establishment” in their own party, and its spokesperson, Hillary Clinton.

Bill Clinton was seen as the young, fresh, charismatic Arkansas governor when he won the White House. Hillary Clinton has been around for decades as one-half of a political marriage, and now attempts to emerge as the best Democratic choice? It’s utterly obscene to those on this side of the aisle, and disingenuous to the ones over there. On top of that is Hillary’s history of turning a blind eye to her husband’s past. The list of women who have accused him of sexual assault doesn’t seem to bother Hillary. And when you’re a female who acts as a champion for women, but refuse to address the predatory past of your spouse, you’re seen – rightfully so – as an accomplice. And no amount of first-female-president mantra can wipe that truth away.

If anything, younger voters like to support whatever goes against the long-established grain. This was obvious in 2008 as Obamamania spread across university campuses nationwide helping to usher the mostly unknown Barack into the Oval Office. Hillary was shut out then as voters, young and old, preferred to make a statement and elect the first black president, who has been a complete disaster since.


The desire to elect what is different resurfaces each election cycle. While Hillary is a female, she is not nearly exciting or fresh enough for Millennial females, who clearly prefer Bernie. Regardless of where the current Millennial obsession is as far as candidates are concerned, it’s painfully obvious that either a Sanders or Clinton presidency would spell doom for the country. But that isn’t on the mind of the M Generation, because they’re just focused on how their favorite candidate makes them feel.


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